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Studio Nine Photography carries the work
of Kevin Brown and Asako Severn

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We present our work at open air markets from May through October

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About Us

Studio Nine Photography carries the work of Kevin Brown and Asako Severn. We are based in the greater Boston area.

You can sample our work in the Gallery page. We are proud to offer a free electronic post card (via email) service for all of our pictures in this section. Just click on the title of the photo to send the image to your friends, family or yourself! We do not retain any of your email addresses or keep a record of your transmission.

If you live in eastern New England, you can find us at various open-air art fairs in warmer seasons, usually from May to October. Please visit our art fair schedule section.

Kevin Brown is a self-taught photographer.  Inspired and influenced by many photographers, some very well known and a few close friends, he would also borrow a line from Irish poet Eavan Boland to help describe his thoughts on photography.  The finished photograph lies somewhere "between expectation and memory."  The joy of photography comes from the pursuit of finding these images, ordinary places at extraordinary times or every day images given a different perspective, and preserving them in that place between expectation and memory.  He continues to work on his craft hoping to someday consistently photograph, as Minor White stated, "not what is there, but what else is there." kevin brown
Asako Severn is the webmaster of this site and also a self-taught photographer. Her story starts just like many others: her father gave her her first camera when she was 12 ...
..., but unfortunately it did not continue like others: she was so disappointed with the gap between what she meant to photograph and what came back from the film developing lab that she did not take any pictures till many years later. She now recognizes that intuition alone does not produce good photography, and appreciates more the work by fellow photographers and great masters. asako severn

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The Price of our photos are $15~$60 for matted images and $15~$90 for matted & framed images.  We will be happy to deliver local orders and also ship upon request.  Please call or email us for available sizes and pricing if you are interested in any of our photos.  Thank you!

Our Homepage Rev.3

In the current version, we made our website viewable on different devices: computers, tablets, and smartphones. On our gallery page, you can click on any of our photos to start a slide show, or click on the photo's title to send it as a free ecard. If you experience any issues or have feedback, we would very much like to know about it. Please kindly email webmaster@studio-nine-photography.com.

With this site revision, we are re-uploading our photos. So if you visited our site in the past, you might notice some images are missing. Have no despair! You can find them on our old site. You can also find our newer photos on the social media platform (Facebook & two Instagram pages). To access these external pages, please click on the blue icons on the top right of this website.

Thank you very much for your interest!