telephone poles

Telephone Poles

sand fence

Sand Fence

umbrella at railroad crossing

Umbrella Crossing

ardfert cathedral, ireland

Ardfert Cathedral

mom & kid sheep on road

Mom & Kid Sheep on Road

the little cheese shop, dingle, ireland

The Little Cheese Shop

red poppy

Red Poppy

autum reflection

Autumn Reflection



archiac cell phone wall

Gala-K Wall (a wall of archiac cell phones)

winter morning

Winter Morning

blue door

Blue Door

flowering saguaro cactus

Flowering Saguaro Cactus, Tucson, AZ



katori shrine eaves

Katori Shrine Eaves

vine tendril

Vine Tendril

high noon at ueno park

High Noon at Ueno Park

summer morning on the charles

Summer Morning on the Charles

grand stand seat #15, fenway park

Grand Stand Seat #15, Fenway Park

old state house

Old State House

long wharf compas

Compas at Long Wharf

beacon hill acorn street

Acorn St., Beacon Hill

copley square bench at dawn, boston, ma

Copley Square Bench at Dawn

a tree in snowy field #2

A Tree in Snowy Field #2

boston public library

Boston Public Library - Bates Hall

oregon coast

Last Light Oregon Coast

palouse cloud shadow

Cloud Shadows

palouse cloud shadow

Truck Trail

ram's head at timberline lodge

Ram's Head at Timberline Lodge

palouse lone tree

Lone Tree

steptoe granary


Rowes Wharf to Northern Avenue Bridge, Boston

Rowes Wharf to Northern Avenue Bridge (illuminale Boston, 2008)

Boston Skyline at Night

Boston Skyline at Night

trees sky

Trees Sky

fishmonger truck

Fishmonger Truck

super moon rising

Super Moon Rising

ny public libr readng room

New York Public Library Reading Room

reading room dictionary

Reading Room Dictionary

girls in kimono, kanazawa

Girls in Kimono at Windows

splendid alfonsino

Red Fish (Splendid Alfonsino)

a produce market, funabashi

Morning Light at a Produce Market

tsukiji fish market

Tsukiji Fish Market

tuna cutting in tsukiji, tokyo

Cutting Tuna in Tsukiji Fish Market

light on sudare

Morning light on Sudare (reed blind over windows)


Higashi Chaya District

red japanese oil-paper umbrella

Red Bangasa (Japanese Oil-Paper Umbrella)

japanese oil-paper umbrella

Bangasa (Japanese Oil-Paper Umbrella)

ni-nen-zaka, kyoto

Girls in Kimono at Ni-nen-zaka

kiyomizu temple, kyoto

Kiyomizu Temple overlooking Kyoto

the museum

The D.T.Suzuki Museum

paper lanterns at a temple

Paper Lanterns at Sanmen-Daikokuten Temple

japanese tea house

Tea House

back of girls in kimono

Back of Girls in Kimono

thousands vermilion gates

Thousands Torii (Vermilion Gates) at Fushimi Inari Shrine

zen garden

Overlooking Zen Garden, Ryoan-ji

feeding birds

Feeding Birds

large tree in snow

A Large Tree in Snowy Field #1

blue hills

Blue Hills

barn and horses

Barn & Horses

barn & wind farm

Barn & Wind Farm

two shacks

Two Shacks

irish cross

Irish Cross

swan boat

Swan Boat in Boston Garden



a pier in the fog

A Pier in the Fog

dingle pasture - killmurry

Dingle Pasture - Killmurry

dingle sheep & three sisters

Dingle Sheep & Three Sisters

inishmore (inis oirr) houses, aran islands

Inishmore Houses

inisheer (inis oirr) pasture & stone walls, aran islands

Inisheer Pasture & Stone Walls

rock of cashel at dusk

Rock of Cashel at Dusk

sheep & hore abbey

Sheep & Hore Abbey

hore abbey, ireland

Hore Abbey

tree near cashel, ireland

Tree near Cashel

rock of cashel cross

Cross at Rock of Cashel

crosses at clonmacnoise, ireland

Crosses at Clonmacnoise

sheep on road, ireland

Sheep on Road

inishmore (inis oirr) pasture & black cow, aran islands

Inishmore Pasture & Black Cow

teampall bheanain, inishmore, aran islands

Teampall Bheanain - Inishmore

inishmore donkeys, aran islands

Inishmore Donkeys

inishmore crosses & cow, aran islands

Inishmore Crosses & Cow

inishmore cruicifix, aran islands

Inishmore Cruicifix

inishmore horse & buggy, aran islands

Horse & Buggy - Inishmore

moonrise, cashel, ireland


calla lily

Calla Lily

chozuya ladles, tokyo

Chozuya Ladles (for purification before entering a shrine)

nakamise back alley

Nakamise Back Alley

tumacacori mission

Tumacacori Mission

donegal sheep

Donegal Sheep

grazing sheep on achill island

Grazing Sheep

october morning

October Morning

dingle sheep

Dingle Sheep

dingle traffic

Dingle Traffic


Mt.Brandon in Dingle Peninsula

warped wheels

Warped Wheels

the palace bar

The Palace Bar

end of rainbow

End of Rainbow

church ruin sunset in doolin

Church Ruin Sunset

cliffs of moher

Cliffs of Moher Sunset





tiger lily

Tiger Lily

water lily

Water Lily


Underwood Portable Typewriter #2

beacon hill fire escape

Beacon Hill Fire Escape

beacon hill gas light

Beacon Hill Gas Light

widener library reading room

Harvard University Widener Library - Loker Reading Room

the mall, central park

The Mall

back of a yellow flower

Back of a Little Yellow Flower

evening calm

Evening Calm

on the brooklyn bridge

On the Brooklyn Bridge

bethesda terrace, central park

Bethesda Terrace Stairs

mercat de la boqueria

Mercat de la Boqueria